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It will be a comprehensive source of information about the services, facilities and the policies available for persons with disabilities in the country. At the same time, it will provide counseling and mentoring services to the persons with disabilities and their families.

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CRID will support persons with disabilities to challenge development and market-driven human rights abuses by making critical information accessible, developing local advocacy skills and helping people claim their rights in centers of political and economic power


Policy Guidelines

Best practices will be recorded for the formulation of policy guidelines and compliance with International commitments of government of Pakistan


Linked with Institutes

Research-led disability inclusive development will be linked with the academic institutions

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Policies & Legislation

CRID will address the concerns of persons with disabilities in mainstream policies and legislative framework of the country.

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Capacity Building

Capacity building training’s will be designed and conducted for the politicians, government functionaries, development and corporate

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CRID will increase accountability of development actors through legal and evidence-based advocacy